Warranty Information



Chain link Fence:
1. We provide a one year warranty on chain link material and workmanship.

Ornamental Iron:
1. We provide a one year workmanship warranty on ornamental iron.

Gate Operators:
1. We offer a 6 month no hassle warranty for gate operators and workmanship. Manufactures offer up to a 1-3 year warranty on certain gate operators.

Vinyl Fence:
1. We provide a one year workmanship warranty on vinyl fence. Our vinyl manufacture extends LIFETIME product warranty.

Wood Fence:
1. Pinnacle Fence offers a one year workmanship warranty. This does not include any of the nature made materials, such as 2×4 rails, pickets, cap board, kick board or trim.
2. The Pinnacle Fence one year warranty does cover the post, brackets, caps, metal frames, latches and hinges.

Exclusions of Warranty:
1. Gates or fencing damage caused by lawn equipment or lawn service companies.
2. Gates that have been slammed due to not keeping them in the closed position.
3. Wood shrinkage, twisting, warping, bows , cracks and lose of knots
4. Wind damage caused by severe weather.

What You Could Expect:
1. When we get our wonderful and odd Central Texas weather, you might notice that in our dry seasons. The ground cracks and shifts. So it is a GOOD IDEA to WATER YOUR POST!!!
2. Some gates will need to be adjusted after initial installation due to ground shifting from weather changes.

Thank you for choosing Pinnacle Fence & Supply

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