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Solid rests like stone cause the rifle to shoot higher than soft rests like turf. The Krag rifle resting on a sand-bag 6 inches from the muzzle calls for a reduction of about 100 yards in the range. The same point of rest in a Model 1903 arm calls for about a 200-yard reduction. A safe rule is to deduct 150 yards from the range with the 1903 rifle if fired from a rest, and 75 yards with the Krag. Firing from a rest also alters the zero of the rifle, but this may, of course, be disregarded in action, as we are only desirous of exact elevation and a little horizontal dispersion is an advantage rather than otherwise.

Other prewar grenades launched from the M1903 included the Mk II Tear Gas, Mk I White Phosphorus, and Mk I Smoke. These were also rod grenades that had their rods and blank cartridges packaged separately; hence, the rifle-grenade had to be assembled before firing. These rod grenades were obsolete by the beginning of World War II. Although there had been a “Sight, Rifle, Grenade Launcher, M1,” it was very difficult to properly align for launching a grenade. ABOVE An M1903 with M1 grenade-launcher mounted and an M2 Fragmentation grenade with M1 Adapter mounted.

Good training can mitigate friendly-fire incidents but not eliminate them. The accuracy of the M1903 was greatly appreciated by US soldiers and Marines, and feared by enemy troops. In The Marine from Manatee, the biography of Brig Gen William C. com 45 Rifle grenades The rifle grenade gives the infantryman the capability of indirect fire using an explosive projectile at a longer range than he could hurl a grenade. Although the rifle grenade first achieved relatively wide usage in World War I, there had been experiments prior to that.

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