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I dried ... with a piece of old cloth. a) oneself b) myself c) itself d) myselves 14. Did you enjoy ... at the party, children? a) yourself b) yourselves c) oneselves d) themselves 5. The King ... gave us our medals. a) itself b) himself c) oneself d) yourself 15. I'll go to talk him ... a) myself b) itself c) himself d) self 6. I spoke to the headmistress ... b) himself a) herself d) yourself c) oneself 16. The picture ... is in bad condition. a) himself b) myself c) itself d) oneself 7. The palace ...

Ringing. a) door bell b) bell door c) bell's door d) door's bell 15. They lived in a ... a) stone's house b) stone house c) house's stone d) house stone 6. This ... looks very nice. a) woollen jacket b) jacket woollen c) wool jacket d) wool's jacket 16. As a rule, the ... are very intelligent. a) Japanese b) Japanese people c) people Japanese d) Japanesemen 7. They are collecting money for the ... a) people blind b) blind c) blinded people d) blind people 17. Look at those ... a) house wooden c) houses wood 8.

More things should have ... a) been said b) being said c) been say d) being say 9. My father hates queues. a) been kept c) to be keeping 19. If you leave money there, it will ... a) be stolen b) be robbed c) be stole d) have stolen waiting in b) being kept d) keeping 20. My mail ... by my secretary every morning. a) is opened b) is open c) has opened d) has open 10. Several trees have ,.. down in the storm. a) been blown b) being blow c) been blow d) being blown 51 OTHER PASSIVE STRUCTURES 11. Most of the roofs ...

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