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By Eric Flint, David Weber

           The Baltic warfare which all started within the novel 1633 remains to be raging, and the time-lost americans of Grantville—the West Virginia city hurled again into the 17th century through a mysterious cosmic accident—are stuck in the course of it.
           Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden and Emperor of the USA of Europe, prepares a counter-attack at the mixed forces of France, Spain, England, and Denmark—former enemies that have allied within the League of Ostend to break the possibility to their energy that the american citizens represent—which are besieging the German urban of Luebeck.
            somewhere else in war-torn Europe, a number of American plans are coming near near fruition. Admiral Simpson of Grantville frantically races opposed to time to complete the USE Navy’s ironclad ships—desperately had to holiday the Ostender blockade of the Baltic ports. A commando unit despatched through Mike Stearns to England prepares the rescue the american citizens being held within the Tower of London. In Amsterdam, Rebecca Stearns maintains three-way negotiations with the Prince of Orange and the Spanish Cardinal-Infante who has conquered many of the Netherlands. And, in Copenhagen, the captured younger USE naval officer Eddie Cantrell attempts to cajole the King of Denmark to wreck with the Ostender alliance, all whereas pursuing a deadly romantic involvement with one of many Danish princesses.

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