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By Arthur C. Clarke

2001 : L'Odyssée de l'espace (titre unique : 2001: an area Odyssey) est un roman de science-fiction écrit en 1968 par Arthur C. Clarke parallèlement au tournage du movie de Stanley Kubrick, 2001, l'Odyssée de l'espace.

L'histoire est basée sur plusieurs nouvelles d'Arthur C. Clarke dont notamment l. a. Sentinelle (1951). Le roman a ecu trois suites formant les Odyssées de l'espace.

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With generators useless and rockets inadequate to move the vessel fast or far through these hostile immensities, the four had gathered for a council of desperation. ” huge Hal Samdu asked again, his big hands knotting. ” “Yes. ” “With care,” began Jay Kalam, “organization———” “Ah, that’s the word,” broke in Giles Habibula. “Organization. Regularity. Four good meals, hot on the moment; twelve hours of good sound sleep. ” “There’s the matter of navigation,” Jay Kalam went on. “I know the rudiments, of course, but———” He looked doubtfully about, at the walls of the bridge-room, be-wilderingly crowded with all the shining, intricate mechanism of telescopic periscopes, geodesic telltales, meteor deflectors, rocket firing keys, geodyne controls, gyroscope space-compasses, radar, thermal and magnetic detector screens, star-charts, planetary maps, position-, velocity-, and gravitation-calculators, atmosphere and temperature gauges—all the apparatus for the not quite simple business of taking the cruiser safely from planet to planet.

Poor old Giles; lame, feeble, sick old Giles Habibula—he can’t stand this any longer. ” “I’ve been counting the rungs,” Jay Kalam said calmly, at last, breaking the silence of endless, tortured effort. ” A current of air presently struck them, blowing down the shaft. ” muttered John Star. ” He soon knew. The downward wind increased. It became a tempest, a howling hurricane. It yelled in their ears with demoniac voices. It ripped garments from their bodies. It snatched at them with prankish hands, hammered them with savage blows.

His breath became audible, panting. ” implored Hal Samdu, from the cell beyond. ” There were tiny, metallic sounds. ” Jay Kalam’s voice was calm and low. ” The sentry groaned. John Star silently restored him to unconsciousness with a trick he had learned at the Academy—one quick blow with the edge of his open hand. His door swung open. He stepped out to join Giles Habibula. The short and massive body of the old Legionnaire seemed to quake with apprehension, but his thick hands were oddly sure and steady.

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