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By Karen Traviss

The Clone Wars are over, yet for people with cause to run from the hot galactic Empire, the conflict to outlive has merely simply began. . . .

The Jedi were decimated within the nice Purge, and the Republic has fallen. Now the previous Republic Commandos–the galaxy’s most interesting specific forces troops, cloned from Jango Fett–find themselves on opposing aspects and in very diverse armor. a few have abandoned and fled to Mandalore with the mercenaries, renegade clone soldiers, and rogue Jedi who make up Kal Skirata’s ragtag resistance to Imperial career. Others–including males from Delta and Omega squads–now function Imperial Commandos, a black ops unit inside Vader’s personal 501st Legion, tasked to seek down fugitive Jedi and clone deserters. For Darman, grieving for his Jedi spouse and separated from his son, it’s an agonizing attempt of loyalty. yet he’s now not the single one who’ll be pressured to check the binds of brotherhood. On Mandalore, clone deserters and the planet’s personal natives, who've no love for the Jedi, could have their so much adored ideals challenged. within the savage new galactic order, previous feuds could have to be put aside to unite opposed to a miles higher danger, and no-one can take previous loyalties without any consideration.

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A healthcare professional who covers his depression with wise-cracks; one other who faces demise and distress head-on, venting his feelings via attractive track . . . A nurse along with her middle in her paintings and her eye on a physician . . . A Jedi Padawan on a therapeutic challenge with no her grasp . . .  These are the middle individuals of a tiny med unit serving the jungle international of Drongar, the place conflict is waged over the keep an eye on of a important local plant, and an never-ending line of medlifters brings within the wounded and loss of life -- normally clone soldiers, but additionally infantrymen of all species.

While the healers paintings desperately to save lots of lives, others plot secretly to benefit from the struggle -- both by way of dealing at the black industry or by means of manipulating the occasions of the struggle itself. in any case, notwithstanding, all will face person exams, and basically these of compassionate hearts and staunch spirits can wish to outlive to struggle one other day.  

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Her tale begun within the nationwide bestsellers A Soldier? ™s accountability and An Officer? ™s accountability. Now Ia is captain and commander on the helm of Hellfire, the place she is eventually loose to chart the path for the success of her destiny…

As captain, Ia needs to now gather a team that could upward push to the last word problem of saving the galaxy. the toughest half should be getting them to think her, to belief in her prophecies. in the event that they don? ™t, her personal team will prove being the largest drawback in her race opposed to time.

The Salik are breaking during the Blockade, plunging the recognized galaxy into conflict. Ia can't cease it this time, nor does she are looking to. this is often the negative expense she has noticeable all alongside? "that a few needs to pay with their lives in order that others may well stay. Now purely time itself can end up even if every one member of her team is in simple terms a soldier or really certainly one of Ia? ™s Damned.

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Includes the 1972 Hugo Award and Nebula Award-winning tale, "The Queen of Air and Darkness. "
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No loosening of muscles, no mantra was of great help. She set about understanding this past day as part of an entirety. Nothing really new had happened. It was only that things were coming to a head, which she had known they would. That • knowledge grew in her throughout her life, with roots that went back in time to before she was born and in space to the ends of the Solar System. But she had seen, she had felt, for herself. She searched out memories, less from here than from abroad, Russia, Yuri, the Lyudovite passion against the cyberneticized world that still smoldered deep down in her, missions to mainland America and the underground web of metamorphs that she touched upon, Luna and the cold Lunarian anger, the machines, everywhere the machines, and the sophotects in their multitudes and their oneness… History had become the next phase of evolution.

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