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Иллюстрированнаяанглийская Азбука .

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Written over a seven-year interval, from 1914 to 1921, this ebook has survived bowdlerization, felony motion and controversy. the unconventional bargains with the occasions of 1 day in Dublin, sixteenth June 1904, referred to now as "Bloomsday". The crucial characters are Stephen Dedalus, Leopold Bloom and his spouse Molly. "Ulysses" has been labelled soiled, blasphemous and unreadable.

A Apple Pie

Иллюстрированнаяанглийская Азбука .

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These con­ figurations are supraindividual constructs which are learned by each new member of the society, causing him to abstract and relate the same stars. Weisgerber compares the way in which the gestalts of the con­ stellations are viewed by different cultures with the manner in which the different languages organize reality. In both instances certain aspects of experience are abstracted, generalized, or re­ lated according to specific cultural or linguistic categories. But according to Weisgerber language is not just one among several other modes of apprehending the outer world.

Wade Baskin (New York, 1 959), 1 1 1 - 1 3 . 16 Ibid. 15 40 SAUSSURE, CASSIRER logical process whereby the concept and the sound-image are brought into relation with one another. As Humboldt before him had done, Saussure too stresses the systematic character of lin­ guistic signs ; in doing so he introduces his concept of value (valeur): Language is a system of interdependent terms in which the value of each term results solely from the simultaneous presence of the others, 17 Letting what is said of a word be equally valid for any and every entity in a synchronous system, Saussure makes a sharp distinc­ tion between the value and the signification of a word.

See Eric H. Lenneberg, "A Note on Cassirer's Philosophy of Language", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, XV (June, 1 955), 5 1 2-22. Cassirer was conspicuously silent about the activities of the Neo­ Humboldtians. 34 See Cassirer (1 953), chap. iv; cf. also Urban, 1 4 1 ff. ; Urban, "Cassirer's Philosophy of Language", in The Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer (New York, 1 949), 4 1 4- 1 6 . 35 Cassirer ( 1 9 5 3), 280. 32 33 46 SAUSSURE, CASSIRER Lotze had pointed out how, after we have performed a series of logical operations to determine the content of a general concept, for example blue or color, we have still not explained where the generic blue 'exists', under which we subsumed light blue or dark blue, or the generic color, under which we subsumed red and yellow: The common factor in red and yellow, by virtue of Which they are both colors, cannot be detached from what makes red red and yellow yellow; that is to say, this common factor cannot be detached and made into the content of a third representation of the same kind and order as the other two.

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