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By Mordechai Bar-On

Twelve Israeli historians and writers revisit the exterior and inner conflicts that experience characterised Israeli historical past to supply context, research, and classes for the longer term.

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Return From The Inferno (Wingman, Book 9)

Once more, the US is divided--with Nordic conquerors occupying the East, and Asian mercenaries dominating the West. Worse but, top-gun jet fighter pilot Hawk Hunter is lacking. because the scattered components of United American troops plan an assault opposed to their oppressors, they could in basic terms wish that the Wingman continues to be alive--and with him the desire of recapturing America's hard-won freedom.

Massacre in Malaya: Exposing Britain's My Lai

The Malayan Emergency (1948-1960) used to be the longest conflict fought by means of British and Commonwealth forces within the twentieth century. this day this 'war with out a name' is basically forgotten, even though it had a strong and mystery impact on American approach in Vietnam. Drawing upon lately published documents from the nationwide files, bloodbath in Malaya will spread a compelling narrative in response to eye-witness debts from either executive forces and Communist opponents, and should divulge the reality in regards to the infamous bloodbath of chinese language villagers at Batang Kali, additionally, it is going to exhibit that British strategies in Malaya have been extra ruthless than historians have thus far conceded.

British Army 1660-1704

The interval among the recovery of Charles II in 1660 and Marlborough's decisive victory at Blenheim in 1704 is usually visible as anything of a 'backwater' of army background, although this 40-year pause used to be faraway from a interval of peace and state of no activity. It was once marked by way of the defeat of the Monmouth uprising at Sedgemoor in 1685, the 'Glorious Revolution' in 1668, the ambush at Killiecrankie in 1689, the conflict of the Boyne in 1690 and lots of different vital army occasions.

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Many of 34 A Never-Ending Conflict the Haganah's commanders formally served as Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) of the JSP but were actually nominees of the Haganah. Weapons stored in the several JSP stations were used to train Haganah members. The British, who were at this stage fighting the Arab rebels, having an interest in that arrangement, closed at least one eye to those semilegal activities of the Jews. In the summer of 1938, in the wake of a further decrease in the size of the British garrison in Palestine, a sharp increase in acts of terror against British and Jewish personnel provoked a few retaliatory attacks perpetrated by a Jewish group which had recently splintered from the Haganah.

The British were assisted by Jews who were well acquainted with the area. They experienced no losses but on the Arab side four deaths and two injuries were sustained. With a large number of Palestinians detained for further investigations, the police could assume routine control of the towns. The moral effect of the successful operation was highly significant. Jaffa ceased to be the major hotbed for trouble makers. 49 It became obvious that the rebels were losing ground. The appearance of the "Peace Gangs" in the Palestinian community gave the best indication of this transformation.

Wild rumors spread regarding the clashes in Tel Aviv in the wake of Hazan's funeral. The attempt of the police to dispel these rumors and calm spirits was met with utmost disbelief by the Arab masses. A large crowd besieged the police station in town, demanding to be shown the bodies of four Arabs who according to the rumors were killed by Jews. The police lost control of the situation, with riots breaking out throughout Jaffa. The train of violence now raced full steam and could not be stopped.

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