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By Yasuyuki Suzuki, Susumu Ohya, Masayuki Matsuo, Takashi Ohtsubo

This e-book is a suite of invited talks, oral contributions and poster contributions dedicated to advances in nuclear physics. It covers a huge variety of themes on nuclear physics, together with nuclear strength, hypernuclei, nuclear constitution, unique nuclei, clustering, mean-field procedure, shell constitution, nuclear deformation, volatile nuclei, and comparable issues.

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The value was derived by our precision 3-body calculation, using the Gaussian Expansion Method, to analyze the laser spectroscopy data of metastable states in antiprotonic helium atoms taken at CERN. The 2002 edition and the 2003 updated version reported an one-order based on further development of both the experiment and smaller value, 6 x our calculation. In the Particle Listings 1998 edition by the Particle data Group gave no recommended value of the mass of antiproton. Instead, they only cited several scattered values so far obtained.

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