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A CSSG, then, exists in order to provide a nice pla ce where people can 45 A Pew for One, Please expand their social life, meet new people, and have a good time. Personal Opinion Church-sponsored singles groups cost the church very little in terms of personnel, money, or time. In the sense of cost ef­ fectiveness, CSSGs a re a good investment, for they yield a high dividend w ith little down. Among the benefits to a church of sponsoring (housing, endorsing) a singles group are: 1 . Enhancement of the church' s image as being con­ cerned with people' s " real" problems.

The format for a CSSG meeting is geared to the develop­ ment of its reason for being: socializing. As fa r as is practical, the meeting area is made to resemble as much as possible a place where people might meet, eat, dance, and talk. In other words, nonchurchlike. " Meetings begin with the introduction of first-time guests. After one of the officers gives a brief introduction to the " rap topic" for the evening, the audience reforms into small groups, which are led by regular members who may be called discussion leaders, facilitators, or ennablers.

I have studied church singles programs whose membership was in the hundreds. I have spent evenings in other churches whose singles group numbered ten or fifteen. I can assure you that often there is no correlation between statistical success and church mission. This is true in spite of every church leader's dream of extending the Gospel to as many people as possible. What I shall attempt to do, then, is to identify those characteristics of various church singles groups that will assist us in offering the greatest good to the greatest number of single persons.

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