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By David Seddon

This reference quantity is the definitive advisor to the economics and politics of the center East. It offers transparent definitions detailing phrases, options, names and agencies utilized in relation to present monetary or affairs of state within the heart East. Entries outline, clarify and provides additional correct details on nations, areas, ethnic teams, political events, companies, rules and disputes.

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Reputed to have started life as Jund al-Islam, a radical offshoot of an Iranian-backed Islamist group, based in Halabja with a predominantly Kurdish membership. After their formation Jund seized Tawela and Biyara and declared jihad against the secular Kurdish authorities and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). There were, almost immediately, clashes with the PUK. In September 2001 Jund militants slit the throats and mutilated more than 20 PUK peshmerga. They also attempted to assassinate Barham Salih, the PUK’s Prime Minister.

Other political parties, including Islamist groups, were recognized. In 1991 the Front islamique du salut (FIS, Islamic Salvation Front) was poised to win the second round of the national elections, but the army intervened to prevent the party from taking power, plunging A political and economic dictionary of the middle east 28 Algeria into civil unrest, violence and a state of emergency from 1992 onwards. The military plays a major role in Algerian politics. A law specifically banning political parties based on religion was enacted in March 1997.

Yet, ultimately, the Treaty was not honoured by either side, leading to the Iran-Iraq War. Ali, Ahmed ibn Member of the ruling ath-Thani dynasty of Qatar. Supplanted in 1972 by his cousin (and Prime Minister) Khalifa ibn Hamad, who in 1977 named his own son, Hamad ibn Khalifa, as crown prince. A political and economic dictionary of the middle east 32 Alignment Bloc-Maarach An alliance formed between the Israel Labour Party and Mapam in 1969, after the former had been established in 1968 by Mapai, the dominant partner, Achdut HaAvoda and most of Rafi.

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