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By William C. Dowling, Robert H. Bell

A Reader’s better half to limitless Jest is a consultant for readers who've heard in regards to the literary genius of David Foster Wallace’s large and sprawling novel yet were eliminate via its size and narrative complexity. Composed by way of exclusive literary students, the spouse is designed either for normal readers and for college kids taking classes on postmodern fiction. in addition to an distinct evaluate of narrative constitution, the better half incorporates a synopsis of plot, a compendium of significant characters, a listing of teenybopper characters and actual humans, a quick dictionary of slang and idioms, and a piece directory and explaining limitless Jest’s acronyms.

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The scene is essentially one long philosophical debate between Hugh Steeply, an agent of the Office of Unspecified Services - a sort of cross between the CIA and the FBI, instituted after Reconfiguration to deal with various Quebecois Separatist groups, and in particular the dreaded Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents [szc] , or AFR - and Remy Marathe, a member of the AFR who is either an AFR agent (that is, he's an AFR member who is pretending to have turned informer but is really working for the AFR) or a double agent (he's an informer who is pretending to be working for the AFR, planting misleading information they want passed to the American government, but actually is a real informer) , or a triple agent (he's an informer who's pretending to be a plant who's pretending to be real informer but 47 48 I WILLIAM DoWLING AND RoBERT Bm who is really, underneath all the layers of duplicity, actually working for the AFR after all).

Finite Jest that they are made physically uncomfortable by fluorescent lighting, the cold, flickering, omnipresent symbol ofAmerican technology in both public and private spaces. It is due to Avril Incandenza's strong distaste for fluorescent lighting, for instance, that ETA has none in any of its rooms, the optical engineer JOI having designed an alternative system that serves the same purpose using incandescent light sources and mirrors. The Quebecois dislike of fluorescent lighting is, at bottom, a reaction to the coldness and irreality of American culture.

But Enfield is also a literary locale - Francis W. Underwood's Quabbin: the Story ifa New England TO'WTI (1893), set in a lightly-fictionalized Enfield, is one of the best portraits of 19th-century village life - and in taking it over and relocating it in the immediate vicinity ofCambridge and Boston Itifim�e Jest is not least presenting a contrast with the older organic society for which New England town life was well known. (An acknowledgment of this theme, and also a kind of joke on the disappearance of the real Enfield, occurs at the end of the novel when Hal Incandenza attends what he thought was a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Natick, Massachusetts, in a building belonging to "Quabbin Recovery Systems:') As of the Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment - from here on YDAU: getting used to the acronym will help you adjust to Subsidized time in Itifim�e Jest - ETA has been in operation for eight subsidized and three unsubsidized years, meaning that it was founded by James 0.

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