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It is a brief direction on Banach house thought with specific emphasis on convinced facets of the classical thought. particularly, the path specializes in 3 significant issues: The simple idea of Schauder bases, an creation to Lp areas, and an creation to C(K) areas. whereas those themes should be traced again to Banach himself, our fundamental curiosity is within the postwar renaissance of Banach area concept led to by way of James, Lindenstrauss, Mazur, Namioka, Pelczynski, and others. Their based and insightful effects are helpful in lots of modern examine endeavors and deserve larger exposure. when it comes to must haves, the reader will want an hassle-free knowing of sensible research and at the least a passing familiarity with summary degree idea. An introductory direction in topology could even be precious, despite the fact that, the textual content contains a short appendix at the topology wanted for the path.

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8. If X is an infinite-dimensional Banach space with a Schauder basis, then there are uncountably many mutually nonequivalent, normalized bases in X . Exercises Recall that a sequence (xn ) in a normed space X converges weakly to x ∈ X , w → f (x) for every f ∈ X ∗ . It’s easy to see that written xn −→ x, if f (xn ) − w w xn −→ x if and only if xn − x −→ 0. A sequence tending weakly to 0 is said to be weakly null. 1. Let ( f n ) be a sequence of disjointly supported functions in L p , 1 < p < p ∞.

For each k = 0, 1, . . , let Ak = {[(i − 1)/2k+1 , i/2k+1 ) : i = 1, . . , 2k+1 }. Claim: The linear span of h 0 , . . , h 2k+1 −1 is the set of all step functions based on the intervals in Ak . That is, span{h 0 , . . , h 2k+1 −1 } = span{χ I : I ∈ Ak }. Why? Well, clearly each h j ∈ span{χ I : I ∈ Ak } for j < 2k+1 , and span{χ I : I ∈ Ak } has dimension 2k+1 . Thus, the two spaces must coincide. But it should be pointed out here that it’s essential that we take 2k+1 functions at a time! The claim isn’t true for an arbitrary batch of Haar functions h 0 , .

In particular, X and Y are not isomorphic. → p where 1 ≤ r < p < ∞ (and leave Proof. We consider the case T : r − the remaining cases as an exercise). Suppose that T is an isomorphism from a subspace of r onto a subspace W of p . Then there is a further subspace Z of W and an isomorphism → Z . But then T −1 S is an isomorphism from p into r , which is S: p− impossible. Complemented Subspaces of p and c0 In this section, we present Pelczy´nski’s characterization of the complemented subspaces of p and c0 [113].

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