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While so doing, he noted with mild surprise that her mind was that of an incipient mindspeaker, an inexperienced and completely untrained telepath. Bettylou Hanson opened her eyes to see the freckled face — even more freckled than her own — of the man who had tied her to the elm tree hovering over her, concern and worry evident upon it and shining from the blue-green eyes under the thick auburn brows. Glancing to her left, she could see the bigger, darker, black-haired man squatting between two monstrous long-fanged cats.

Bettylou had not even struggled when the raiding party kidnapped her from the Adobe of the Righteous. Sentenced to death, did it matter who her destroyers were? But now, held prisoner in the midst of this enemy camp, she was beginning to remember the stories her people told — stories of fierce, murderous tribes of sinful thieves. They were said to be true Servants of Satan, headhunters, cannibals, drinkers of blood. . Could her captors be these terrible fiends? Had she been taken to provide these warriors with a cannibal feast?

But we ain’t none of us up here for to take no chances, Ehud. ” The six cranklights were the most ancient things in the Abode, far and away older than the Abode itself. They had been brought, long, long ago, from the First Abode, somewhere far away to the north and east, to be installed for a few generations in the new Abodes built by colonists from the original. Then, when these newer Abodes had prospered and multiplied to the point of overcrowding, more colonists had gone out to build yet newer Abodes and had had shared out to them cranklights and rifles and such other needful items.

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