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Many sellers are susceptible to accepting these discount prices, since the scars created by the Great Recession make them concerned they won’t be able to sell their companies. However, by the latter part of 2011, middle-market deal pricing is expected to increase to above normal levels. During 2011, as many acquirers use the depressed earnings realized by sellers during the two-year period ending June 30, 2010, as justification for a substandard offer, it is imperative for middle-market executives to understand that their company is a long-term asset whose sale price should not be impacted by short-term transient considerations.

Adding dry powders too rapidly can “choke” the blade and may result in an incomplete, unstable dispersion. The second half of the powders should be added progressively more slowly until the final percentage completes the formula. The blade speed should be adjustable from a minimum of half the final tip speed at the beginning of the powder addition to the maximum of the final tip speed as the batch thickens and flow slows. This procedure helps prevent splashing and overvortexing, which are inefficient for dispersion and can cause excessive air entrapment in the dispersion.

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