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72 at East Rand Propriety Mines, South Africa. ) 44 1200 r - 1200 L SLAWOMIR J. 24. 45 at East Rand Propriety Mines, South Africa. 72 event in a South African mine are shown in Fig. 45 event, composed of at least three major subevents, are presented in Fig. 24. The spectrum of a complex event is rather difficult to analyze in terms of Brune's (1970) model; its corner frequency is not well defined. The appearance of an intermediate-frequency part, inversely proportional to the frequency, on some spectra implies either partial stress drop during a seismic event according to the Brune (1970) model or a different geometry of the fault from the circular one.

26. Logarithm of P-wave energy versus logarithm of S-wave energy for small tremors observed at the Heinrich Robert coal mine, Federal Republic of Germany, in 1987 and 1988. The values of the ratio of P-wave over S-wave energy are indicated by straight lines. ) The seismic efficiency of mine tremors, that is, the ratio of the seismic energy to the total energy released during rupture processes, seems to be very low. 24%. , 1979). The strain energy released during faulting is consumed in heat, seismic waves, and microstructural defects formed during crushing.

1974). Several focal mechanisms have been determined for seismic events recorded with both compressional and dilatational first motion and located at or 28 SLAWOMIR J. GIBOWICZ directly below the level of mine workings in the Eastern Mountain area (Williams and Arabasz, 1989). , 1989). An unexpected result of both these studies was the observation of numerous seismic events recorded with dilatational first motions at all stations. Williams and Arabasz (1989) have noted that the majority of the dilatational events can be fitted with a double-couple normal faulting mechanism if they occurred above mine level.

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