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Electron densities need to be about double those of the normal corona through an extended region, which may be identified with a coronal streamer. Temperatures are comparable to normal coronal temperatures. There are also smaller, more transient features observed in the wavelength range 1 to 10 cm. These have diameters of the order of 1’ and lifetimes of hours or days [36]. These features may also be due to thermal emission, but from smaller regions with higher values of density and temperature.

With a radio interferometer, the size of the regions of enhanced emission and their position on the sun can be determined. The emission centers are found to have diameters of the order of 5 to 10’ (the sun’s apparent diameter being 30’) and to occur over chromospheric plages at a height (deduced from the rotation rate) of about 40,000 km [35, 361. The lifetime of one of these centers is several months. This type of enhancement can be explained as thermal emission-the result of the acceleration of free electrons a t encounters with positive ions.

44 R. G. ATHAY AND C. 6. WARWICK above active centers is of great interest. Work by some authors I321 suggests that, at least in some instances, the atmospheric magnetic fields over active regions resemble dipoles with vertically oriented axes, and that they possess a large-scale continuity. Solar radio noise polarization phenomena also suggest that the atmospheric magnetic fields may be considerably simpler than the photospheric fields and that they possess a single polarity over large regions.

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