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By S. Grozeva, N. Simov

In any case of 2007, the fashionable Bulgarian entomologist, stated professional in taxonomy and biology of Heteroptera, our colleague and buddy, Michail Josifov, celebrated his eightieth birthday. An writer of 126 medical works and greater than 50 well known articles and books, he has defined nine new genera and one hundred forty four new species of real insects. In attractiveness of his contribution to Bulgarian technological know-how, he has been offered the Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius. This booklet is an anniversary current from his colleagues from 20 nations and popularity of Michail Josifov's extraordinary contribution to the research of Heteroptera. The 32 articles, written via forty nine authors, current new information at the foundation, zoogeography and species composition of heteropteran fauna from assorted elements of all continents. various nomenclature and taxonomic judgements are prompt. numerous difficulties of phylogeny, biology, karyosystematics and phylogeorgaphy of other Heteroptera species are treated.This e-book comprises the outline of two genera and 19 species, 1 genus and 14 species of that are named after Michail Josifov. This e-book additionally comprises brief biographical notes, an entire bibliography of Michail Josifov's clinical articles, and a listing of all taxa defined by way of him or named after him. The articles during this e-book are usually not just a fantastic current, they're one other leap forward within the examine of the luxurious international of real insects. They, we are hoping, may be precious to every body dedicated to this reason.

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N. Simov (Eds): Advances in Heteroptera Research. Festschrift in honour of 80th Anniversary of Michail Josifov. Pensoft Publishers, SofiaMoscow: 215-230. [16] Kumanski K. (1990). Studies on the fauna of Trichoptera (Insecta) of Korea I. Superfamily Rhyacophiloidea. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 2: 36-60. , Miyamoto S. M. Kerzhner (1994). Additions and corrections to the list of Korean Heteroptera. — Nature and Life (Korea), 24: 1-34. E. & E. Heiss (2008). A new subspecies of Lygaeidae from northern Iran: Raglius alboacuminatus josifovi nov.

Loristes Josifov & Kerzhner, 1972 – 1972: 162 (58). (Typus generis: Adelphocoris decoratus Reuter, 1908). Putshkoviattus Josifov, 1993 – 1993c: 9 (115). (Typus generis: Putshkoviattus muminovi Josifov, 1993). [Syn. Kerzhner 1997: 246, = Glaucopterum Wagner, 1963]. Tricholygus Josifov, 1992 – 1992d: 108 (111). (Typus subgeneris: Lygocoris (Tricholygus) niger Josifov, 1992). [Nomem novum: Kerzhner & Schuh 1995: 2, = Josifovolygus Kerzhner & Schuh, 1995]. Michail Josifov – Bibliography, described and dedicated taxa 37 Species and subspecies Family Acanthosomatidae Elasmucha eckerleini Josifov, 1971 – 1971: 240 (57).

Orthotylus josifovi Wagner, 1959 (Heteroptera, Miridae) Michail Josifov – Bibliography, described and dedicated taxa 43 [6]. Acetropis (Acetropis) josifovi Wagner, 1967 (Heteroptera, Miridae) [=Acetropis sinuata Wagner, 1951] [7]. Adelphocoris josifovi Wagner, 1968 (Heteroptera, Miridae) [8]. Biskria josifovi Seidenstücker, 1968 (Heteroptera, Tingidae) [= Dictyonota opaca (Linnavuori, 1965)] [9]. Raphidia (Bureschiella) josifovi Popov, 1974 (Raphidioptera: Raphidiidae) [= Mongolraphidia (Usbekoraphidia) josifovi (Popov, 1974)] [10].

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