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By Geoffrey D. Rubin (auth.), Teruhisa Kazui M.D., Shinichi Takamoto M.D. (eds.)

Following the 1st foreign symposium ever held in Asia on Advances in knowing Aortic illnesses (AUAD), this quantity of complaints comprises the papers awarded in either the oral and poster periods. The eighth AUAD symposium enormously contributed to the knowledge of aortic ailments, in particular in Asia. Aortic ailments, particularly thoracic aortic ailments, are extra universal in Japan than in Western international locations, which provides additional value to this compilation that covers fresh advancements and advances in thoracic aortic surgical procedure and its results. Divided into lectures, panel discussions, symposiums, and poster classes, the booklet comprises, between different issues, advances in imaging and prognosis with 3D-CT, MRS, and US; state of the art fix of the thoracic aorta; novel facets of aortic root substitute; reconstruction; and prosthetic graft surgical procedure. This precious selection of paintings presents the reader with an elevated wisdom and knowing of aortic ailments not just in Japan yet worldwide.

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