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By Muriel Spark

In Aiding and Abetting, the doyenne of literary satire has written a wickedly fun and subversive novel round the true-crime case of 1 of England’s such a lot infamous uppercrust scoundrels and the “aiders and abetters” who stored him at the loose.

When Lord Lucan walks into psychiatrist Hildegard Wolf’s Paris place of work, there's one challenge: she already has a sufferer who says he’s Lucan, the fugitive assassin who bludgeoned his children’s nanny in a botched try to kill his spouse. As Dr. Wolf units approximately identifying which of her sufferers, if both, is the genuine Lucan, she unearths herself in a fierce conflict of wills and a thrilling chase throughout Europe. for somebody is deceiving an individual, and it can be the great health professional, who, regardless of her unorthodox healing process (she talks almost always approximately her personal life), has a sinister prior, too.

Exhibiting Muriel Spark’s boundless mind's eye and biting wit, Aiding and Abetting is a brisk, smart, and deliciously wonderful story via one in every of Britain’s maximum dwelling novelists.

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