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When viewing this picture, Coslett and Saffran’s patient “identified the boy, girl and chair, but did not know who was standing on the chair or who was reaching for the cookie” (p. 1525). 1 The Cookie Theft picture from the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination. ” She never noticed the camel. ” When shown the figure for another 2 seconds, she said “a man,” and did not indicate having seen the camel, desert, or pyramids, or realize that the man was related to what she had previously seen. ” She said she never saw the “whole,” but only bits of it that would “fade out” (p.

This form of alexia is called “pure” because other forms of visual pattern recognition appear preserved, as do spelling, writing, and other language-related abilities. However, a closer look at the visual abilities of these patients reveals a distinctive type of visual disorder, ventral simultanagnosia. Kinsbourne and Warrington (1962) first described the simultanagnosia of pure alexic patients. Their findings, and subsequent findings, are the focus of the next section. 3 Parallel Shape Recognition: A Dissociable Ability?

Mr. S’s answers are marked. patients’ identifications of objects are typically inferences, made by piecing together color, size, texture, and reflectance clues. Mr. S’s reliance on these properties is apparent from Benson and Greenberg’s recounting of his attempts to recognize the safety pin and the picture of the typed letter. They also report that he “could select similar objects from a group only if there were strong color and size clues; after training he could name several familiar objects but failed to do so if their color and size qualities were altered.

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